Polymer ST and TEGOPAC®

Your solution for innovative silane-modified adhesives and sealants

Silane-modified polymers have been used to formulate sealants and adhesives since the late 1980s. The major advantage of this class of polymers is that they combine the outstanding properties of silicones with those of polyurethanes. The products are successfully used for many different application fields.

Evonik’s silane-modified product range is based on two different polymer technologies:

The Polymer ST portfolio addresses well known sealant & adhesive applications: polymers are used in low modulus sealant formulations as well as in high strength adhesives. A well established solution for parquet adhesives further rounds out the Polymer ST portfolio.

The new TEGOPAC® family differs from standard silane-modified polymers: polymers are based on a unique polymer technology with lateral crosslinking groups. Sealant and adhesive formulations with TEGOPAC® polymers show excellent through cure properties, improved water & thermal resistance and excellent elastic recovery properties. The polymers release ethanol during the curing process.

Fields of application:

  • Building & construction

  • Transportation

  • Industrial assembly