Wax is a collective designation for a multitude of natural and synthetic materials which play an important role as additives in a very wide variety of applications.

The definition of the term wax is based less on the chemical composition of a substance than on its physical properties:

  • kneadable at 20 °C, with a consistency ranging from solid to brittle-hard

  • coarsely to finely crystalline, translucent to opaque

  • melts above 40°C without decomposition

  • already has relatively low viscosity just above the melting point

  • highly temperature-dependent consistency and solubility

  • can be polished under gentle pressure


FT waxes

The Fischer-Tropsch process yields straight-chain products (FT waxes) possessing low viscosity in the melt and having molecular weights of between 500 and 1000g/mol.


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