Organo-functional silanes are molecules carrying two different reactive groups on their silicon atom which enables them to react and couple with different materials (e.g. inorganic surfaces and organic resins via covalent bonds).

Organo-functional silanes have shown greatest benefits in three areas: as water scavenger, crosslinker and polymer modifier, and, in particutlar, as adhesion promoter. In the areas of adhesives and sealants, they can improve adhesion between dissimilar materials because of their low surface tension (which ensures good surface wetting), their reactivity to different surfaces and their ability to create interactions and make an adequate transition interphase between the adhesive layer and the substrate to be bonded. Dynasylan® GLYMO, Dynasylan® 1189 and Dynasylan® VTMO are, for example, widely used silanes in the adhesives & sealants industry.

Dynasylan® GLYMO, an epoxy silane, is used especially for polysulfide, polyurethane and hybrid-based adhesive & sealants. Dynasylan® 1189, a secondary aminosilane, is used specifically for the endcapping of polyurethanes. Additionally, Dynasylan® 1124 has a greater crosslinking potential than Dynasylan® 1189 and can also be used for the endcapping of polyurethanes. Dynasylan® 1146 has a unique oligomeric structure and improves adhesion in many adhesives & sealants. Additionally, Dynasylan® 1146 effectively repels undesirable moisture penetration into sealants and causes less yellowing of white or transparent sealants, compared to traditional aminosilanes. Dynasylan® VTMO, a vinyl silane, is used mainly as drying agent for polyurethanes and hybrid polymers and gives adhesives & sealants improved storage stability.


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