Reactive Resin Modifiers

The different ALBIDUR® grades can be used to improve toughness of thermosetting formulations. Based on a silicone core-shell rubber, they combine high toughening efficiency with low viscosity. They are used in many different applications like adhesives, fiber reinforced composites or electronics. ALBIDUR®grades are based on epoxy resins, acrylic monomers, vinyl esters, a polyol or a cyanate ester. Unlike classic rubber toughening modulus and Tg of a modified resin are not lowered. Fatigue performance is improved significantly, however.

ALBIPOX® products are reaction products between epoxy resins and reactive liquid rubbers like carboxy terminated nitrile butadiene rubber (CTBN). They are used to increase toughness, adhesion or tack of epoxy resins. the copolymers form rubber domains upon cure of the epoxy resin.

ALBIFLEX® materials are either silicone epoxy coplymers or acrylic terminated polyurethanes, designed to increase flexibility of thermosetting formulations. Used mainly in electronic formulations, they introduce the good electronic properties of the silicone into an epoxy resin.