Nanosilica Concentrates

Dispersions of nano-scale SiO2 particles enable the formulation of transparent products with low viscosity and high filler content that do not show any sedimentation. This process uses surface-modified, agglomerate-free silica particles with a diameter of approx. 20 nm.

NANOPOX® optimizes the quality of epoxy resins. Due to the SiO2 particles with a size of 20 nm, NANOPOX® permeates and impregnates even the smallest structures, such as carbon fiber fabric, to enhance toughness and impact resistance of the material, as well as the strength. 

For the first time, NANOPOX® also enables to increase toughness and stiffness perpendicular to the fiber direction. 

Discover the impact on the damage tolerance and interlaminar shear strength of your laminates. Combine NANOPOX® with cost-effective standard epoxy resins, and you can achieve the strength and stiffness of significantly more expensive, highly crosslinked resins with outstanding toughness. 

The combination of these nano-scale fillers with conventional fillers opens up completely new perspectives with regard to achievable material properties.

The nanoparticles described in the section Modification of heat and room temperature curing epoxy adhesives with nano fillers can also be applied in UV-curable systems. The use of acrylate monomers with the corresponding fillers (NANOCRYL® A product series) in formulations results in significant improvements to a wide range of adhesive properties.

Other application areas for the NANOCRYL® A product series include stereolithography formulations for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. The products particularly enhance transparency and improve both strength and modulus. 

The same products also are a preferred addition to gelcoat formulations as well as styrene-free vinyl ester resin systems.