Ketone-aldehydes / derivatives

Ketone-aldehydes and their derivatives are low molecular weight and hard polymers. They are multifunctional and useful in solvent-borne one pack or two pack, water-borne, hotmelt, reactive hotmelt and possibly radiation-cured systems. We offer these products under the name TEGO® VariPlus.

They are able to influence various properties in adhesives depending on the amount added and in interaction with the adhesive film forming polymer used. Typical improved properties are solid content, viscosity in solution or melt, open time, tensile strength, green strength, flexibility or hardness.

The products are used as co-binders in liquid or possibly radiation-cured adhesives or as solid solvents in hotmelt adhesives. Some parts of the main polymer, tackifier or other resin components in the formulation are exchanged with one of the resins. Typical added amounts are between 10 percent and 50 percent solid resin related to the amount of solid polymer in the formulation.

The solid products are packed in paper bags with a net content of 25 kg (U.S.: 55 lbs). The solvent-borne products are supplied in screw cap enameled drums of 50 kg (U.S. 110 lbs). The water-borne dispersions are supplied in plastic drums with a net content of 25 kg or 200 kg (U.S.: 55 lbs or 441 lbs).