Road construction

VESTOPLAST® is used in several paving applications - from SMA and pervious asphalt through to specialist thin surfacings. It is also suitable for use in structural layers designed to support very high traffic loading, for bitumen emulsions and for producing colored asphalts. VESTOPLAST® modified asphalt have proven themselves in terms of reliably providing roads with a long life, have considerable performance benefits and advantages with regard to the production of asphalt mixes.

These may be summarized as:

  • Decreased deformation at high temperatures

  • Superior adhesive strength, even in the presence of water

  • Improved flexibility and stress relaxation

  • Enhanced resistance to low temperature cracking

  • Extended service life

  • Complete environmental compatibility

  • 100 % recyclable

The VESTOPLAST® modified binder has 90 % more strength than the unmodified bitumen. In addition, VESTOPLAST® is resistant to ultra-violet light, is resistant to oxidation, and will not dissolve in water.

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