New frontiers in electronic encapsulation

VESTAMELT® iS compounds are suitable for encapsulation of electronic components with extremely stringent requirements on mechanics, chemical resistance and adhesion. With its outstanding transparency VESTAMELT® iS enables unprecedented design freedom for LED lighting and sensor applications.

Based on our broad portfolio of polyamide resins and our experiences in compound design Evonik has developed a family of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives with various new functionalities such as transparency, excellent surface appearance and haptics. Evonik named this technology as “Injection Sealing”. Injection Sealing with thermoplastic resins significantly reduces the cycle time compared to potting techniques thus delivering substantial productivity improvements over traditional potting systems.

The injection sealing process prevents inserted electronic components from damages since the thermoplastic resins exhibit very low melting points and low viscosities. VESTAMELT® iS also excels in terms of surface hardness and surface appearance. It has an excellent thermal resistance and is suitable for use over a wide temperature range from -30° to 100° C.

The advantages of Injection Sealing compared to potting techniques are:

  • No need for material curing and therefore a reduction of cycle time

  • Less material consumption and less total weight

  • Lower total unit costs

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