Structural bonding


Evonik has expanded its expertise in the automotive sector and developed the adhesion promoter system VESTAMELT® Hylink that improves the performance of polymer-metal structures and allows customers to use up to 20% less material.

VESTAMELT® Hylink is a polyamide-based adhesion promoter specially modified to create an exceptional bond on metallic and polymer surfaces. It improves significantly the mechanical properties compared to existing hybrid components. VESTAMELT® Hylink ensures

  • a strong bond between metal and plastic 

  • an excellent sealing against humidity (e.g., at weld lines)

VESTAMELT® Hylink is applied to a metallic substrate and thermally pre-cured to prevent a wash-out effect during the injection molding process. The coating retains its thermoplastic character, allowing components to be formed without damaging the coating. In the injection molding process, VESTAMELT® Hylink adhesion promoter creates a firm bond between metal and molding compound. A downstream tempering step (e.g., in the cataphoretic oven) ensures thermal crosslinking of the adhesion promoter and maximum performance of the entire component.

The adhesion promoter

  • resists cataphoretic oven temperature 

  • is highly deformable and is paintable 

  • shows stable properties during storage 

  • can be numerically simulated

It leads to

  • enhanced component rigidity 

  • less material consumption allowing lightweight design and economic processes 

  • enhanced design freedom