Adhesives are called “solvent-free” if they contain no more than 5 percent of solvent. Both water-borne dispersion adhesives and hotmelts are solvent-free.

The formulation of an adhesive depends on whether it is a dispersion adhesive or hotmelt.


  • Little or no solvent

  • Reduction of health risks

  • Fewer occupational safety requirements

  • Flexible processing time

  • High initial strength


  • Automotive industry (interior fittings such as headlinings, dashboards, etc.)

  • Shoe industry (bonding of sole to upper, toecaps, inner soles)

  • Construction industry (various flooring materials)

  • Furniture industry (for decorative lamination of wood)

  • Mattress industry

  • Paper and packaging industry

  • Hygiene industry (diapers, sanitary napkins)

  • Bookbinding (spines of paperbacks)

  • Textile industry (men’s and women’s apparel)