Press release
April 4, 2017

New generation of heat seal binders for PVC-free packaging

DEGALAN® binders are ideally suited for the formulation of high-quality lacquers to provide secure sealing in combination with smooth peeling. Major application area is dairy packaging, where Evonik has pioneered the development of PVC-free binders.

The new grades of the 42 series, DEGALAN® VP 4221 E, DEGALAN® VP 4251 E and DEGALAN® VP 4294 E are characterized by more narrow molecular weight distributions as well as lower viscosities than the comparable current DEGALAN® products. They also have the advantage of containing a higher solid content and can be applied without restrictions to any filling good. The new DEGALAN® 42 series further minimizes tendencies in causing rub-off deposits on rollers during the printing and coating process.

DEGALAN® PM 666, market leader in solvent-based primerless coating formulations and its improved reference DEGALAN® VP 4221 E are used as all-purpose binders for the production of heat seal lacquers for sealing aluminum foil to polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and vinyl (PVC). The heat seal strength of DEGALAN® VP 4221E lies between 7 to 9 N/15 mm with PP and PET as substrate materials and between 8 to 10 N/15 mm with PS as a substrate.

DEGALAN® VP 4251 E, the new enhanced version of DEGALAN® 4151 E, provides a five percent increase in solid content to 45 percent while the solvent composition remains unchanged.

Thanks to its unique polymer structure, the new DEGALAN® VP 4294 E can be used universally. The organic dispersion consists of methacrylic acid esters grafted on olefin copolymers (OCP) and polyesters, and adheres directly to aluminum and PET. The new polymer and solvent composition enables rapid drying while containing a high solid content of 52 percent.
DEGALAN® VP 4294 E is used mainly in sealing PET films to PP, PS, PET, PVC or substrates made of polylactic acid (PLA).

DEGALAN® VP 4294 E as well as the other new grades DEGALAN® VP 4221 E and DEGALAN® VP 4251 E achieve their best heat sealing properties at a dry coating weight of 6 g/m².

Like all DEGALAN® heat seal binders, the new 42 series fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR §175.300.

Company information

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The Resource Efficiency segment is led by Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH and supplies high performance materials for environmentally friendly as well as energy-efficient systems to the automotive, paints & coatings, adhesives, construction, and many other industries. This segment employed about 9,000 employees, and generated sales of around €4.5 billion in 2016.


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